Today’s large influx of tech companies have caused many new design roles to emerge. Two of those roles include UX Developers and UI Designers. Large businesses everywhere have brought in profession UX/UI companies to help create magic for their business, which is a big reason as to why they’ve become so successful. But, what about small businesses? Why haven’t they gotten on board? A big problem is a fact that many people don’t know about them! Consequently, their meaning is still unfamiliar, even to designers who come from other industries. So, what is UX/UI, why is it so important, and why does your business need to know about them? Keep on reading to get all your questions answered.

UX – User Experience

UX in UX/UI stands for User Experience. The term UX design has a history of causing confusion, as the word design is associated with creativity, graphics, etc. The true definition, however, lies in the functionality and the process behind making products that provide seamless experiences for users. Knowing target customers and how to make their experience with your product the most enjoyable is the responsibility of the UX design team. Functionality, usability, and user adaptability are at the top of their priority list. In addition, their aim is to connect business goals to user’s needs through a process of testing and refinement.

UX/UI Design.Why Every Business Needs It, Including Yours.

UI – User Interface

UI in UX/UI stands for User Interface. A User Interface Designer makes technology easy and intuitive for people to use. They work on the areas where users directly interact with the product. Here is where creativity, graphics, branding, and interactivity come into play. Now that all of the UX information is laid out, how will it be carried out and actually produced in a creative way? That’s the UI Designer’s job.

UX/UI Design.Why Every Business Needs It, Including Yours.

Something that looks great but is difficult to use is great UI and poor UX. Something that is very usabe that looks terrible is great UX and poor UI.

UX/UI should not be ignored. Getting help from UX/UI specialists can save you hundreds of engineering hours and as a result, thousands of dollars in development costs. Racing to market with better functionality isn’t going to gain your business any competitive advantage – offering users an intuitive and tailored user interface will.

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