Everyone wants a beautiful website, a great logo, great marketing material, etc. However, trying to find a good graphic designer to hire takes not only time out of your day, but money out of your pocket. It can get pricey! We’ve been noticing a trend within the small business community. Small businesses typically run on limited resources, understandably. Instead of hiring a professional graphic designer, they’ll opt for asking an employee, family friends, or someone with broad marketing experience to create graphic design content for their business – whether that be website development, social media material, or just creative graphic content to use wherever. The truth is, well-thought-out graphic design can mean all the difference to companies, big or small. Professional design work is notoriously undervalued in small businesses. Here are 5 reasons why small businesses need to make graphic design a bigger priority.



Love at first sight

First impressions matter. Whether it’s your website or the layout of your logo at the end of your email, potential customers will judge. High-quality graphic design gives businesses credibility. With poor design, no one will stick around long enough to learn more about you.


Your design will tell your story

Most people have never heard of your business before. Your design is a way for people to instantly get a feel for what you do. Good design work puts the right image into your potential customer’s minds. The image you would want for a flower shop is going to be extremely different than the image of a plumbing company, for example.  Designers will take color, texture, size, and overall vibe of a design to represent your brand perfectly and make that known to an unknowing potential customer.


Creativity Sells

As said before, many small businesses don’t prioritize professional design work. If they do, the second that financial times get tough, the creative budget is the first thing that gets cut. That being said, creativity is appreciated. Potential clients that see a company’s creative side will build an authentic relationship with that company, consciously or not. Small businesses face a lot of competition. Whether it’s prices, quality, or customer service, some type of advantage is needed. Try having that advantage be your creative design. Having a good visual message always benefits your company. Making it a top priority will bring you to the next level.


Design acts as a salesman

Yeah, a cool, sleek website is nice to have, but a cool, sleek website that makes sales is even better. Let your eye-catching designs be there own sales rep – take advantage of them! Most of the time, they’ll do the work for you. A professional graphic design will lead customers on a journey. They’ll direct visitors to take action, compel readers to turn pages, etc. Using professionals to create graphic content for you has the potential to deliver measurable, strong results. 


Spend now, worry less.

Quality graphic design has longevity. If businesses don’t take graphic design seriously from the start, they’re probably going to keep going back and redoing the design, changing their minds, and switching styles up – which isn’t good for customers to see! You want to have one solid brand that people are able to picture in their minds the second they hear your company’s name. Paying for professional graphic design one time isn’t much different than paying for sub-par design multiple times.



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