The parameters of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, are constantly changing. When you want to have a refreshing website that Google will continue to favor in search results, not only does the content itself matter but the posting dates as well. Staying SEO relevant by refreshing the content on your already existing blog or website, as well as that publication date, will have Google rewarding you with solid search engine results.

Updating Pre-Existing Content

Google loves websites that provide new content for website visitors. Updating content shows Google that you’re constantly active. Content should be interesting to your readers and relevant to your industry. By making updates, it provides value to your website, and Google recognizes this value. If you have a website blog, work to provide a new post three times a week to keep it fresh.

Google also favors newer publicized content. If you have old blogs posted 7 months ago, go back in, update the content a bit to keep it relevant, and change the publication date to somewhere within the current month. Your site will get more favored in search results, bringing more eyes to your business.

Rookie Mistakes

Don’t think otherwise, Google knows when you’ve made grammar errors. Having perfect grammar and capitalization will benefit you more than you think. Read through carefully and look for ways you can be clear in what you’re trying to say. Not only with Google, but visitors on your site will have a better user experience when they read something clear and understandable.

Updated Keywords

If you don’t know by now, your keywords are everything. They are vital to the success of your SEO. Read through your old content, update your keywords, and keep them optimized.

There are countless websites with valuable information out there, that provides users with different experiences. You want your company to lead within your industry. In order to prove your relevance and authenticity, you need to have engaging, truthful content. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Creating a new piece of content for your website provides you with a new opportunity to try out different keywords, different vibes, and different writing style, to see what sticks with users. SEO and brand awareness is vital for your business to stand out among competitors.

To conclude, as while trying to keep your SEO relevant, keep your content fresh, too. Look for new ways to present reiterated information. Be creative in your approach. Keep visitors engaged with crafted content designed to optimize your SEO  and bring traffic to your website all at the same time.

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