Is the customer’s feedback part of your small business marketing strategies and plans? As an owner of a yogurt frozen shop for over five years now, I’ve seen it all when it comes to customer feedback. Fortunately, I got to the point where I didn’t have to be afraid of checking Yelp reviews from distraught customers. None of which bother trying to come to me first. I discovered the Feedback App available on my Clover® POS Station. 

Of course, customers will vary in opinions and views about your business. No matter how good your product or service is, people will always find a way to critique it. Personally, I like hearing some of these reviews in order to make my business. However, it isn’t always ideal to have these critiques public on the internet.

The Feedback App keeps me a step ahead of any challenges that may arise with my customers.

Some major benefits I enjoy about this app are:

  • I get to investigate any complaint or opinion ASAP. Customer loves it when I reply to them instantly and/or implement changes they recommend. Putting smiles on my customer’s faces is my priority.
  • Bad reviews don’t end up on review sites like Yelp. This is a benefit because I can hear all the feedback but other customers and businesses won’t be able to.
  • I can reach out to customers who have had a bad experience. For some reason or another, there will inevitably be customers who complain that they had a horrible experience. I am now able to reach or and give them an incentive or promotion in efforts to make up for any mistakes.

I can accredit the increase of positive impressions online and customer relations to both my Clover POS system and this Clover Feedback App. We have never been more organized and had more customers coming in here. I love being able to interact with my customers and hear what they love about my shop, while also getting great feedback from them on what we can improve.

I would recommend this Clover App to any small business owner using a Clover POS system who would like to improve the quality of their small business.

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