When we first opened our shop, not much effort was put in when choosing our POS system. It was the last thing on my mind during the startup process. However, it didn’t take long to see how much a POS system affects the whole environment of small business success. Our system wasn’t cutting it. It ended up being the root of our slow-moving, unmotivated environment. After searching through different systems, we came across Clover®. Switching was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Why We Switched

We needed a reliable system – a system that supported the fast-paced, friendly environment that pizza shops are known to have. Clover has helped dramatically when it came to the flow of our business. We’re able to push customers through easily and efficiently. It takes lines of 20 people in just minutes. Another aspect we liked about Clover was its different options in devices. You’re able to go to Cobalt’s website where multiple different devices are laid out. You’re able to look through their selection and find the best device for your business. They understand that a pizza shop runs differently than a salon might – and with each industry comes different needs.

Clover took that concept and applied it to their selection of POS devices, which I thought was brilliant to help with our small business’s success. We first saw the Clover Station and loved the setup, but looking at our counter space, we needed something smaller. We decided on the Clover Mini. It’s the perfect compact countertop POS system. The function and design of the system are very convenient for customers, too. Being able to interact with them is so much better because there isn’t some bulky machine in the way. We’ve noticed that tips have gone up drastically, as well. The main reason is very obvious – Clover. It provided us with a fast-paced, motivated business environment that our customers notice. They appreciate our efficiency and simplistic business structure.

Why Clover Is Right For You

There are so many benefits to this system. Printing kitchen tickets and receipts are a breeze now, which was an issue with our past system. We’re taking advantage of the menu maintenance accessibility it has, too. It’s very easy for us to add or change menu items on a daily basis – which is great for our weekly specials and seasonal items. It also saves a ton of management time every week. I now have access to my small business success from my cell phone, home computer, and tablet. I can see exactly how my business is doing even when I’m not behind the counter. All business owners can agree, that’s a huge relief.  Since switching, we’ve been recommending it to other local businesses. If you’re in the market for a new POS system, get a Clover device. You’ll instantly see a bigger profit and a better, more motivating environment.

The Clover Mini



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