Chatbots! ???? Even if you have no idea what they are, you have probably seen or even used one without realizing it. But what exactly are they? And how could they be useful on your website?

To put it simply, Chatbots are A.I. systems that interact with you through instant messaging. You could ask them anything, from the weather forecast to help with ordering a pizza. When you send a message to a customer service representative on an online shop, you most likely are messaging a chatbot before actually being connected to a human. Bots are great at performing simple tasks but aren’t meant to replace all business-to-consumer interactions. For now, they are only able to execute basic (but essential) actions. 

So you are probably wondering, “How is this going to help me with my business? I can help my customers with anything they need.” You are absolutely right! You know your business better than anyone, but think about how much time you might be able to save if you didn’t have to respond to mundane questions all throughout your day. 

Live Chats

Chatbots can engage with your customers coherently, close to the same way you do. Many chatbots use natural language processing methods and can analyze customer questions in seconds. Businesses across different markets also set pre-programmed questions and responses. Either way, no more having to waste time on the phone, email, or even social media answering easy questions. Not only will it save you time, but it will save your customers time since they won’t have to search every page of your site for an answer they might not find.

Customer Service

Sometimes, your customers have problems outside your business hours. Chatbots can be programmed to answer vital questions when you are unavailable, giving you a boost in customer service satisfaction. The very best Chatbots make it seem like they are speaking with a live operator so customers leave the conversation feeling like you are always there for them. 

Smooth Process

Think of the last time you had to call customer service. Already grinding your teeth, right? With Chatbots, that source of stress is a thing of the past. Customers can ask their questions and bots will get straight to the point. No more transfers, getting put on hold, or automated voice responses that never understand what you are saying. Nothing but happy customers with answered questions!

Whether you want to use them or not, Chatbots are the next “wave of the future” in customer service. As of right now, they are giving businesses more opportunities to engage with their customers in a new and efficient way. Interested? Reach out to us! Cobalt Media is happy to set you up with the newest customer service technology.

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