Everyone needs healthcare, so you might think that marketing your doctor’s office or organization would be easy. In reality, it can actually be a little bit tricky. For one, the competition for the industry is vast, and many people are willing to travel out of state, even out of the country, for the best medical services. For another, when people stay locally they tend to stick with the best quality of care they can find nearest to their home. So how can you stand apart from the rest when you all promise the same quality of care? With the right marketing tools, you can successfully promote your medical practice to potential patients.

Strong SEO

Strong SEO on a website helps better position your website on the world wide web with relevant keywords. 88% of people seeking health information start on a search engine. Having popular and appropriate keywords on your site can attract the attention of your target audience and increase the chances of them coming through your door. Our team does extensive research into each industry before a site even goes live, so your site will have an advantage from the start. 

Strong Online Reviews

Consumers today heavily rely on online reviews before making a purchase, and the same applies when they’re pursuing a medical professional. You know the power of word of mouth and client referrals, but did you know that 94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to compare possible healthcare providers? It doesn’t take dozens of five-star reviews to convince a potential patient; as little as one strong positive review makes an impact. 

Responsive Mobile Site

Most, if not all, consumers love their phones, so it should come as no surprise that 88% of appointments are scheduled by phone. A responsive mobile site is crucial to booking appointments. If your mobile site is taking too long to load when possible patients are looking for the information they need, and they will move on to another competitor without another thought. The Cobalt team not only optimizes your desktop site functionality but your mobile as well, so you can leave a strong impression on potential patients no matter which platform they are on. 

Easy Website Booking

Patients know how important finding the right doctor can be, but that does not mean they are quick to choose a provider. Over 48% of patients spend two weeks researching a doctor or a practice before they book an appointment. However, when a patient chooses you they want to start seeing you as soon as possible. Having an easy website booking process will increase your number of appointments because they can book you as soon as they know they want to work with you. 

These are just a few of the powerful marketing tools that could help a business in the healthcare industry. There are dozens of more untapped strategies that could be implemented to improve your business results. Still, need a bit more help? Reach out to the Cobalt Media team. We are always ready to help build a perfect marketing plan to fit your business needs!

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