Video advertisements’ popularity only seems to grow each year. It is estimated that by 2021 online users will watch 100 minutes of online videos a day. With apps like TikTok booming from quarantine, users are sure to have surpassed that estimate. While video ads are doing well, many businesses hesitate to invest in video content. There is a right to worry, one bad ad can send the wrong message about your business. Lucky for you, Cobalt Media knows all the tricks to help you ensure all your video content boosts your business for the better. 

Target Your Audience 

Many people think that video ads are the same as television ads but that is incorrect. The biggest difference is that TV advertisements are more broadly targeted. For instance, networks can know that 59% of viewers are a certain age, but because the viewing number is so large as a whole they can’t narrow down the characteristics beyond that. With online video ads, you can target a particular age, gender, location, profession, interest groups, and so much more. This can lead to great information about your customer’s passions and interests. Using that information properly can help you create stronger video advertising in the future. 

Grab Their Attention

When you advertise on social media you have seconds to capture the possible customer’s attention. This is partly because of online users’ short attention spans but also because of the volume of content available. When people are scrolling through their phones they are very selective about what they will look at. If you do not interest them right away they will move on to your competitor in seconds. Make sure your video ads cut straight to the point and get the most important information to the viewer right away.

Choose The Right Ad Type

There are dozens of different ad types available out there. Your content could be featured in stories and news feeds, but not every type of video ad is right for your business. Make sure you do a considerable amount of research into where and how you are releasing your video content. You want to make sure you reach your customers on the right platform. Otherwise, the time and money you’ve invested in your video advertising could essentially be wasted. 

Partner With Influencers

Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok influencers have a huge impact on their fans. They have spent months and sometimes years, building relationships with the audience you are trying to reach and communicating with them almost daily. By partnering with your customer’s favorite online influencer you will be able to create dozens of new opportunities in your video advertising to communicate with your audience.

Create A Call To Action

Great content is essential but you can’t give viewers a great video with no information on what to do next. With each video advertisement, you need to be creating a call to action to direct them to where the next steps will be. While these can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to video ads you are guaranteed to miss the possible connection with each one of your users without one. 

While these are the best tricks of the trade to produce great video ads the process can also be pretty intimidating. However, it is not as difficult as you think and with Cobalt Media Marketing by your side, there is nothing to it. Reach out to us. We can help create and release the perfect video ads that reflect the very best of your business. Videos can be one of your most effective tools when it comes to growing your business so don’t miss out for another minute. 

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