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Cobalt’s Merchant Cash Advance Program helps you build a roadmap for success. Gain access to the immediate working capital to expand your Business today.

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What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) offers businesses immediate access to working capital based on anticipated credit card or other future receivables, enabling them to address their operational needs. This financing alternative provides businesses with an upfront lump sum in exchange for a segment of their forthcoming revenue receivables at a reduced rate. This ensures the repayment schedule aligns with the business’s sales rhythm.

To qualify for an MCA, specific requirements need to be fulfilled. Key factors include the business’s ability to process credit card transactions or possess other receivables.

With Cobalt, the MCA application process is streamlined and user-friendly. Submit your business application via our online platform in mere minutes. Our merchant cash advance offerings begin at $5,000 and can extend up to $250,000.

Does Merchant Cash Advance work for Your Small Business?

  • Flexible Payments

Payments are determined as a percentage of the company’s credit card transactions or other revenue receivables.

  • Cost & Fees

Payments are based on the business’ receivables so there is no fixed payment term.

  • Estimated Completion Date**

The receivables are purchased at a discounted price; fees may be charged and deducted from the advance amount.

Businesses that process credit card transactions and are in urgent need of capital are the perfect fit. Beyond a more straightforward application procedure, cash advances are crafted to grant businesses easy and quick access to the vital working capital. The inherent flexibility of an MCA stems from its variable payments dependent on upcoming revenue receivables.

Should your Small Business experience substantial credit card sales, abundant receivables, or operate seasonally, then a merchant cash advance could be the perfect solution.

**The projected completion date is deduced from the anticipated duration required by the business to fulfill the receivables. This duration is influenced by the company’s performance. Typically, these projections span from 3 months to 18 months, but they remain approximations.

See How Quickly You Can Qualify For Merchant Cash Advance

To apply, your business merely requires three essential elements:

A Legitimate Form of Identification

Including: Account Number, Routing Number, 3 Months Statements

Business Bank Account Details

Including: Account Number, Routing Number, 3 Months Statements

Credit Card Processing Statments

From The Last 3 Months

Merchant Cash Advance FAQs

Merchant Cash Advance With Cobalt

At Cobalt, our goal is to unlock great potential for your growing business. Think of us as an addition to your team, driving your business’s growth with customized financing solutions that match your unique needs.

  • Our advanced funding technology works seamlessly on mobiles, tablets, and desktop devices.
  • Our team of honest business consultants provides quick, clear, and trustworthy funding advice.
  • We have an effective approach for additional financing needs.

Find the Device that Suits Your Business

Clover Station 2.0

  • Works through Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Takes Virtually All Kinds of Payments
  • Keeps Stored Information Safe with Built-In Fraud Protection

Clover Mini

  • Powerful, Yet Compact
  • Built-In Receipt Printer
  • Contactless Payment & Built-In EMV Chip

Clover Go

  • Transactions from Anywhere with WiFi
  • Prevents Fraud through Trans-Armor Technology
  • Ready-to-Use Right out of the Box

Clover Flex

  • Built-In Credit Card Reader
  • Fast and Flexible Wireless Connectivity
  • Compatible with All Clover Devices

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